5 Ways to Use CBD Candles

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4 min readJul 13, 2021
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Ever wondered how you can use CBD Candles to support your daily self-care routine?

Discover how our brand new candle range can calm, elevate and unwind the senses, and support the following mood-boosting activities.

1. Take a Bath

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Is there anything more relaxing than taking a warm bath after a long day? Create your own moment of calm, immerse yourself in the water and give yourself permission to switch off.

The perfect bath for a healthy adult should be around 40C, ideally in a room that is 25C. This will increase the temperature of your body in a comfortable way, with reduced cold stress from the exterior environment.

Many of us are exposed to blue light all day in the form of work computers and mobile phones, leaving us mentally drained.

As you look to wind down in the evening, consider leaving the lights off and bathing by candlelight, as exposure to artificial light at night suppresses melatonin, interfering with sleep timing, rhythm and quality.

Light our Unwind CBD Candle as your accompaniment to a hot bath and declutter your thoughts. Made with Lavender, known to calm, relieve stress and encourage a restful night’s sleep, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to wake up refreshed come the morning.

2. Read a Book

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The beauty of a good book can often be confined to our subconscious. As we escape into the world of our favourite author, we not only quieten our busy minds, but also generate new ideas, an improved vocabulary and a widened imagination.

When we return to the fast-paced hubbub of life, we can articulate ourselves better and improve our conversational attributes. It feels rare that such a relaxing and personal activity can also indirectly support how we handle our day to day lives.

For our self-care routines, it’s so important to keep our minds fresh and active. Light our Elevate CBD Candle when you next curl up with a good book, and bring a sense of calm focus to your routine.

Did you know? Our Elevate candle contains Grapefruit, known to be a natural energiser and mood booster for reducing stress.

3. Yoga

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For many of us, yoga provides a retreat from our chaotic and busy lives. Practicing yoga allows us to focus in on both our mental and physical wellness. The slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while holding a pose can build strength through our body. It’s also more important than ever that we look after our mental health and yoga is perfect for calming the mind and helping us let go of our daily stresses and worries.

When practicing yoga, you want to create a warm yet stimulating atmosphere. Light our Restore CBD Candle after a busy day when you want to empty your mind of stressful thoughts and transition back to your centre. Our Restore candle contains Basil, which is reputed to clarify, fortify, energise and uplift the mind — the ideal accompaniment to a relaxing yoga or meditation session.

4. Dinner Time

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You don’t need to be the greatest chef, nor the biggest romantic to make your evening meal a scent sanctuary. Whether you’re enjoying your own company, or that of family and friends, create a mentally soothing ambiance to accompany your culinary delights. Forego the television or scrolling your mobile, and use it as a time to relax your mind.

5. Memory Lane

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Memories and emotions can easily be triggered by certain scents and provide a feeling of happiness if it coincides with a particular time in your life.

Whatever you may be feeling or going through, lighting one of our CBD candles may help remind you of a happier time, ensuring you can put your worries to one side.



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